Farm History

The FarmTouted by many as one of the most beautiful pieces of land in Rutherford County, the 306-acre farm now known as "The Maples" was originally purchased in 1903 by Hiram Clark Couch and then passed down through five generations. Maples made the decision to develop the farm, and his vision is being carried out by his daughters. The development was named The Maples to honor the family history, and every street is named after various family members from the Couch and Maples family tree. The family home will become the amenities center, with various amenities located around it.

Several steps have been taken to keep the development local such as the homes will be built exclusively by local quality builders, First National Bank of Murfreesboro was chosen as the preferred lender, and Jacobs Construction is the general contractor for the development. The Maples is being built upon both family and local traditions.